1 Our repository is at https://github.com/fluffykoalas/sloth.

  • Development is done on the dev branch. Pull Requests should be filed against this branch, not the master branch.

  • Stable releases reside on the master branch.

  1. Fork the repository into your own account.

  2. Create a new branch for you patch/feature

  3. If you’re going to setup a local environment, see Setting up a local development environment for details.

  4. Commit as often as you’d like, but:

  • Make sure the commits are logical and precise before asking for code review. Please see the Commit guidelines section for more info.

  • Adhere to Our styling guide.

  • If applicable, provide tests for your code. We aim to have full code coverage.

  1. For new files, add the copyright header. It can be found in the sloth.__init__ file.

  2. Add a changelog entry - see Changelog entries.

  3. Update the documentation - see Updating the documentation.

  4. Squish, squash, rebase and revert commits as asked by reviewers.